Visit of the Minister of Agriculture

LignoSilva Centre of Excellence as a flagship focus was presented during the visit of Ján Mičovský, new minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic at the National Forest Centre (May, 22nd, 2020), by the project coordinator Tomas Bucha. Priority areas for innovation and research for the future of the forest-based sector were identified, reflecting the EU´s research and innovation funding programme for 2021-2027, the FTP Vision 2040 and the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SIRA 2030) and interlinks with BIOEAST Forestry Working Group. LignoSilva was demonstrated within the forest-based sector as well-integrated value chain with subsectors, besides forestry with woodworking and the pulp and paper industries.

CE procurement: 3D wood scanner

Cente of Excellence LignoSilva procures 3D CT scanner for wood defect detection with accessories, conveyors, including training
Notice is published in the Official Journal of the EU, under no. 2020 / S 095-226305
The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at:

CE LignoSilva: Institutionalised

The Centre of excellence of the forest-based industry (CE LignoSilva) has been institutionalised in the form of a separate organisational unit of the National Forest Centre (NFC Zvolen) since 1st March 2020. The head of the CE LignoSilva became Dr. Ing. Tomáš Bucha, his deputy Ing. Tomáš Gergeľ, PhD.

The LignoSilva is a joint research centre of the NFC Zvolen and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute Bratislava which concentrates pilot lines, specialized laboratories and workplaces of both partners into the solution of 4 main scientific multidisciplinary programs:

  • Forest resources, sustainable wood production in climate change conditions and the development of decision support systems in the chain of wood production – timber processing - use of wood products;
  • 3D scanning technology for log & timber defect detection and sawing laser technology with a view to optimising yield and adding value;
  • Wood recycling and cascade systems focusing on mechanical and chemical wood processing technologies, end-of-life recycling of wood products and wood energy use;
  • Pulp and paper technologies focused on forming multifunctional properties of paper, development of paper surface treatment and biodegradable packaging.


Research Agency supported CE LignoSilva

National Forest Centre signed a contract with the Research Agency on December 12, 2019. Within the call for teaming research centers, code OPVaI-VA / DP / 2018 / 1.1.3-04, the Research Agency supported the Center of Excellence Lignosilva with the amount of 9.88 mil. EUR.

The contract was published on the Central Contract Register on 8.1.2020:

Round Table

Round Table focused on the support of the Teaming Centres establishment in Slovakia organized by Research Agency. Read more »

Guests from Indonesia visited the National Forest Centre.

Guests from far Indonesia visited the National Forest Centre

Zvolen, March 21, 2018 - The National Forest Centre welcomed on its premises seven representatives of the HASNUR group from the Republic of Indonesia under the leadership of Mr. Hasnuryadi Sulaiman Abdussamad accompanied by representatives of the Indonesian Embassy.

The director of the Forestry Research Institute, National Forest Centre in Zvolen, Tomáš Bucha together with other workers presented the essential areas of forestry issues in Slovakia, ways of sustainability, their renewal and protection as well as management in hunting. The presentation also included information about the Centre of Excellence Lignosilva, international cooperation portfolio and the international Forestry Journal, which is published for the needs of forestry issues in Central Europe.

During excursion in laboratories of the National Forestry Center, to the representatives of Indonesia were provided demonstrations in the field of digitalisation, simulation and prognosis of forest management using forest growth simulator (SiBYLA). Further, there were presented the forms of testing of forest reproductive material (forest tree seeds), which must meet strict conditions for the cultivation of forest trees intended for afforestation and pathogen detection methods.
The meeting was carried out in a professional and positive atmosphere. Both sides were even more open to future possible international cooperation and looking for its project schemes and intergovernmental possibilities for joint financing activities.

Press conference

Minister of Education Peter Plavčan presented the achievements of Slovak researchers in the Teaming call of the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 at a press conference 25.11.2016.

Out of the 167 applicants were accepted thirteen projects, among them three from Slovakia, from the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the National Forest Centre in Zvolen.

NFC Zvolen succeeded with the project of the Centre of Excellence LignoSilva, which integrates research, development and innovation potential of the forest-wood sector, rationally linking the chain of production, processing and consumption of wood.

Forest Innovation Workshop 2016

Inform-Prioritize-Collaborate: Cooperation of Regions on innovation in forest management, use of wood and forest-related services

» Forest Innovation Workshop 2016