LignoSilva's success in Horizon Europe

We are pleased to announce that the project of further developing the LignoSilva Centre of Excellence has been invited to grant preparation under the Teaming for Excellence Horizon-Widera-2022-Access-01 call.
It is a joint project of the National Forest Centre Zvolen, Pulp and Paper Research Institute Bratislava and the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI Braunschweig.
With the help of a German partner, we want to fully develop the potential of our two unique European technological infrastructures, the experimental 3D CT wood scanning line and the Incubator for researching special paper surfaces with a paper machine.

Konferencia LignoSilva 2023

V súčastnosti prebieha príprava konferencie LignoSilva 2023,

Termín konania 13. júna 2023

Miesto konania: Biotechnologický park Stráž Zvolen

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Preparatory work for the presentation of the BZ Stráž area

22/02/2023 - Today was nice spring weather, so the concrete work could start in full swing. At the same time, the LignoSilva team worked on cleaning the area from waste, overgrown trees and carried out landscaping. We hope that the area will pass the upcoming test of representation, which will be subjected to it by visitors as part of the planned events.

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Completed construction of a fullyautomatized greenhouse Richel

On February 7, 2023, the construction of free planting areas with fully -automated irrigation and the construction of a fullyautomatized greenhouse type Richel in the NLC BZ - Stráž - Stráž.
Wrapped seedlings will be grown in the greenhouse and on the outer growing area. We assume the use of plastic Quick Pot cultivation containers, which are laid on plastic or wooden pallets. It is a tested method, popular all over the world. A suspended irrigation ramp is used for irrigation in the greenhouse. On the outer surface is used irrigation ramp with a trolley with brackets that move on the rails. The greenhouse is equipped with ventilation that is controlled by a computer system.
The construction was realized from the ITMS2014+: 313011S735 Center of Excellence of the Forestry-Department of Detrievá complex Lignosilva.



Fruit Seminar of Papranno 2023

On 1.2. 2023 to February 2, 20123, the Lignosilva team with his colleague Michal Pástor took part in the fruit seminar, where they performed with the presentation entitled "Ekology of the Edible chestnut and its potential from the agro -where for a special use", which also introduced a 3D CT scanning line.

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5th forestry innovation workshop: The role of innovation in coping with new challenges in the forestry sector at the regional level in the EU.

On 17.1. 2023 to 18.1.2023 participated in the Lignosilva team in the 5th Forestry Innovation Workshop: The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forestry sector at regional level in the EU. The aim of the journey was to present the open infrastructure of the Center of Excellence Lignosilva (CE) in the area of 3D scanning of stands and logs in order to become a partner of consortiums serving projects into European challenges. Presentation of unique infrastructure in the form of a poster and bilateral negotiations.

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Test operation of the 3D CT scanner started.

Test operation 3D CT scanner launched 5/2022
The Center of Exeltivity Lignosilva is focused on digitization, optimization and automation in the Forest-Department of Department of Forestly through innovation technologies. By implementing the infrastructure project, it brings the creation of model and prototype workplaces and key technological units for research and demonstration purposes in the field of wood production, wood quality detection, energy and cellulose-paper wood processing. The flagship of the center is the construction of a 3D CT scanning line of wood logs, which includes unique computed tomography technology. This technology allows you to create a three -dimensional model of each log log and display its internal errors. This model then serves to optimize cutting plans to maximize yield. There are currently 14 pieces of CT scanners in the world and our 15th is operated in the research and development environment, where it serves as a tool to increase the competitiveness of the Forest-Department of Detrievo sector.




LignoSilva 2022

National Forestry Center and Research Institute of Cellulose and Paper a.s

organized a professional conference LignoSilva 2022 which took place on 16.11.2022

the online proceedings of the Conference on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Gabčíkovo research station are available.

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On October 14, 2022, with the participation of representatives of PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovensko, s.r.o. held a workshop focusing on the possibilities of involving the LignoSilva Center of Excellence in projects within the Fund for a just transformation. NLC representatives presented the genesis of building CE LignoSilva.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovakia, s.r.o. presented the procedure for preparing the feasibility study and the requirements of the project documentation. Subsequently, an excursion to the premises of the Stráže technology park was prepared for the participants, where the representatives got acquainted with the research infrastructure currently being built, including a line for 3D CT scanning of wood.

Workshop with representatives of the Forestry school in Banská Štiavnica

The meeting connected with the workshop took place on 17 June 2022, focusing on mobile terrestrial laser scanning, 3D CT scanning wood logs scanning and preparing of the new project Upgrade of the Center of Excellence LignoSilva to the call of Horizon Europe Widera-Teaming. Representatives of the Forestry school see the benefit of 3D scanning of stands and logs in improving the educational process in the field of assortment of the harvest fund, and optimization of wood sorting. Possible joint actions focused on student scientific and professional activities, excursions and internships of students, the establishment of a demonstration object at the School forest enterprise and the integration of the issue into the curriculum of the subject logging were defined.