Pulp and Paper Research Institute

vupc logoThe Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Inc. participates in the project in the faith to improve and enhance services to our customers in the field of paper and cellulosic industry, selected kinds of wood processing industry and our activities in statistics and scientific publishing.

Also we realize a creation of emerging industries for the conversion of lignocellulosic materials to chemical products and the recycling of wood products after their expiry date and we don’t want to stay out of this process.

We try to create a closer connection among members of Pulp and Paper Industry Federation and Slovak Association of Wood Processors of Slovak Republic due a cascading of wood and wood products use is a process which needs to be coordinated on all levels of the wood chain consumption.

We believe in own ideas for a non-destructive paper quality testing under a pilot production and a glued agglomerated wood products recycling where the research needs to be supported and the transfer into a practice may be significant.

The outputs of the project will allow us to stabilise our leading position on Slovak market and to enhance our competitiveness in Europe.

The Institute since its beginning includes a wide range of services for a basic and applied research but a pilot production also. At present some older services have become useless due changes in technological processes. Some measurements need to be digitalized and accelerated to keep our competitive ability at the market. Some new tests for special papers with antibacterial, anticorrosion properties need to be put into a practice. A new marketing strategy should be created to cover a wider range of customers in Europe.

The Institute owns a pilot paper machine which needs to be reconstructed. The unique machine is only of its kind in Europe. Services related to a pilot production testing and the non- destructive paper quality testing using a neuron networks prediction during a production process can be offered for the most important costumers and stakeholders in the paper production world business after the targeted modernisation.

To specify needs of the modernisation to offer more quality services for our costumers we realise three separately activities related to pulp and paper industry in Slovakia and Europe as a whole under the project:

  • Analysis of a current stage of the Slovakian pulp and paper industry including a list of important producers, stakeholders, its position at European market, previous development and present statistics, a share on Gross Domestic Product, employment and the impact on the environment
  • Prognoses for services and R&D activities in the field of European pulp and paper industry including an overview of the most important organizations operating in this area
  • Analysis of a transformation process of cellulose production stocks for modern biorefineries in the world