MARS 6 Extraction – Microwave Extraction System































High-throughput extraction for environmental samples. The MARS™ 6 is an advanced microwave instrument that can be configured for solvent extraction.

With an industry leading 2000 watts of delivered power, it is the perfect choice for preparing samples for USEPA 3546. The MARS 6 can easily prepare up to 40 samples in a single batch, providing the highest throughput and lowest cost per test.


– Extract 40 samples in only 25 minutes

– 95% solvent reduction compared to Soxhlet

– Advanced vessel sensors count vessels and apply power appropriately

– Flexible, open architecture design allows introduction of a variety of different vessel types.




Elemental analyzer LECO CHNS

















Combining a LECO CHN828 with an S832 will give your laboratory the capability to determine the amount of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur present in a multitude of organic matrices from food/feeds and soils to fuels.

This system supports the analysis of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen in a sample using the CHN828 with the sulfur analysis being performed using a separate sample in the S832 add-on. The CHN and S analyses can be performed either independently or simultaneously. This system combines the power and performance of both systems without compromise and increases the flexibility of the lab, all while reducing bench space requirements.



MEDIAJET Petri Dish Filler

rozplnovacka Mediafill

















 A dispensing and pouring system for automated dosing and filling of microbiological culture media in petri dishes with diameters of 35, 60, 70 and 90 mm, as well as for Bi-plates and Tri-plates and for the automatic metering of liquid media into testDepending on requirements, there are three carousel sizes for 220, 440 or 660 Petri dishes. 

The system is simple and intuitive to operate. For example, the dimensions of the Petri dishes being used can be called up from the database via the 5.7″ display. Sterile automatic dispensing is performed precisely via an integrated peristaltic pump. Having a range of options, the Systec Mediafill can be configured ideally for the most diverse of applications.


Workstations for GIS and RSM

pracovne stanice 1


These workstations are designed mainly for work with geographic information systems (GIS) and methods of remote sensing (RS). 

The assembly of professional workstations content is 3 pieces Work Station HP Z6 G4 and 2 pieces Work Station HP Z4 G4. Included are accessories such as 10 pieces of 24 "LCD monitors Dell P2415Q UHD 4K IPS, 5 pieces of keyboards, mouse and speakers. 



Parameters HP Work Station Z6 G4:


Model: Intel Xeon Gold 5218
Processor frequency:

2.2 GHz (2,200 MHz)

Number of processor cores:        16 ×
Core Boost Frekvencia: 3,9 GHz (3 900 MHz)


Size of operational RAM: 128 GB 
Memory frequency: 2,933 MHz
Memory type:   DDR4

Hard Drive

Storage Type:  HDD, SSD
Storage capacity:  2x 4 TB
SSD Capacity:  1 TB
Model graphics cards: Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000, 16 GB


Parameters HP Work Station Z6 G4:


Model: Intel Xeon W-2135
Processor frequency:

3.7 GHz (3,700 MHz)

Number of processor cores:        6 ×
Core Boost Frekvencia: 4,5 GHz (4 500 MHz)


Size of operational RAM: 32 GB 
Memory frequency: 2,933 MHz
Memory type:   DDR4

Hard Drive

Storage Type:  HDD, SSD
Storage capacity:  2x 4 TB
SSD Capacity:  256 GB
Model graphics cards: Nvidla Quadro, P2200, 5 GB


Overhaul of loader Locust 750



Universal front skid steer loader Locust 750, is designed for loading, plowing, moving rocks. With the help of specifically designed additional equipment, it can be used for digging pits, ground drilling, loading pallets and logs, snow removal, etc.

The project will be used mainly for handling logs of wood at the CT scanner of wood, loading wood chips into the dryer, snow removal on the premises and other handling.





Technical information:


ZETOR 5201, four-stroke three-cylinder, power 33.1 kW




independent right and left side drive



Hydraulic system: 

3 separate hydraulic circuits

Operating weight: 

2900 kg

Maximum overall length of the loader: 

3327 mm

Loader width: 

1708 mm

Maximum overall height: 

2220 mm

Nominal load: 

750 kg

Maximum discharge height: 

2485 mm

Maximum speed: 

12 km / h



  1. General purpose bucket
  2. Hydraulic log forks
  3. Hydraulic snow plow
  4. Pallet forks














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