Completed construction of a fullyautomatized greenhouse Richel

On February 7, 2023, the construction of free planting areas with fully -automated irrigation and the construction of a fullyautomatized greenhouse type Richel in the NLC BZ - Stráž - Stráž.
Wrapped seedlings will be grown in the greenhouse and on the outer growing area. We assume the use of plastic Quick Pot cultivation containers, which are laid on plastic or wooden pallets. It is a tested method, popular all over the world. A suspended irrigation ramp is used for irrigation in the greenhouse. On the outer surface is used irrigation ramp with a trolley with brackets that move on the rails. The greenhouse is equipped with ventilation that is controlled by a computer system.
The construction was realized from the ITMS2014+: 313011S735 Center of Excellence of the Forestry-Department of Detrievá complex Lignosilva.