Second validation workshop of the CEE Hub (Rosewood4.0)

November 18th, 2020

Wood mobilization and digitalization: exchange and validation of Rosewood4.0 Hubs best practices by Central-East European HUB

CEE Hub Validation Workshop

The second validation workshop of the CEE Hub took place on 18th November, 2020. It’s main goals were as follows:

  • Present the identified Best Practices & Innovations from 4 Rosewood4.0 HUBs and stimulate reflection and discussion on the way forward in the implementation of some good practices from country to country;
  • Prioritize the other Hub BPs to cover needs of the CEE Hub;
  • Discuss the HUB needs if those were not addressed by the Best Practices selection.

   Similarly as the first validation workshop, also the second one was held online. The meeting was organised by the CEE Hub Manager (FORZA, UA) on the Zoom platform, with the help of other Hub partners (ITD, PL; KO-FA, RO; NFC, SK). There were 31 participants, representing both experts and consortium partners from the CEE Hub (Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Romania) and Hub Managers and other guests from 4 other ROSEWOOD4.0 Hubs.

 One of the main goals of the ROSEWOOD4.0 project is an effective transfer of know-how and information that enables and supports stakeholders of the wood value-chain to exploit innovations and best practices and facilitates the capture of innovative ideas enhancing the development of the field.