CE LignoSilva: Institutionalised

The Centre of excellence of the forest-based industry (CE LignoSilva) has been institutionalised in the form of a separate organisational unit of the National Forest Centre (NFC Zvolen) since 1st March 2020. The head of the CE LignoSilva became Dr. Ing. Tomáš Bucha, his deputy Ing. Tomáš Gergeľ, PhD.

The LignoSilva is a joint research centre of the NFC Zvolen and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute Bratislava which concentrates pilot lines, specialized laboratories and workplaces of both partners into the solution of 4 main scientific multidisciplinary programs:

  • Forest resources, sustainable wood production in climate change conditions and the development of decision support systems in the chain of wood production – timber processing - use of wood products;
  • 3D scanning technology for log & timber defect detection and sawing laser technology with a view to optimising yield and adding value;
  • Wood recycling and cascade systems focusing on mechanical and chemical wood processing technologies, end-of-life recycling of wood products and wood energy use;
  • Pulp and paper technologies focused on forming multifunctional properties of paper, development of paper surface treatment and biodegradable packaging.